Transformations in Paradise

""NiaVisions is transforming into GaelaVisions and so am I. Soon my new graphics and website will be up and running presenting my NEW FOCUS FOR 2011, Transformations in Paradise.

I am spending this year transforming my life, studying to become a faculty member of the Nia Technique. This is a process that challenges and shapes the body, mind, and spirit. You might even notice how much clearer your skin is and regain that natural, clear, youthful glow! It seems that everyone I meet is also looking for something more in their lives and is moving in new directions. There are so many wonderful stories of how people are transforming and adapting and moving from fate to destiny.

For me, this means that I am listening to the whispers in my heart and moving forward even before I know the outcome. I believe and trust that when I leap a net will appear.

Today, my friend and photographer Michael Ringlever told me something that really resonated. He said, “When the universe puts something in motion it moves fast, you get on board or you get left behind.” Then he looked at me and said, “I wonder where that came from?” I heard this on a deep level, and so this is it, my first article about my personal transformation plan and your role in it.

My dream is to offer affordable workshop retreats in Florida for you to refresh, rejuvenate, and get juicy about your life. Each Transformational Weekend will begin on a Friday evening and end Sunday noon, providing travel time to arrive home and reenter your life, feeling better than before, with a personal plan for transformation.

Each weekend will follow a theme and be around a similar schedule. On Friday night we will have a welcome reception at a historic restored 1935 cottage in Longbeach Village where wild peacocks roam the streets. On Saturday we continue with morning beach meditations, Nia classes, and workshop on creating and transforming your life. There will be free time for beach walks, massages, shopping, and sight seeing and group activities on Saturday evening. On Sunday morning, the schedule repeats and we will end after lunch giving you time to return home by Sunday evening or to consider staying for a week long program.

I am lining up lodging and spa contacts now. What do you think? Does this sound like a welcome schedule for a retreat weekend to you? Feedback is WELCOME! Transformation here we come!

To schedule, contact me.